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King David and President Trump 

​King David was anointed by God to be a leader of his people. He was by no means a perfect man but was nevertheless a man after God’s heart. God chose David and anointed him to represent him in the earth. Often God will choose leaders to perform a certain job in his kingdom. When we honor a man of God we honor God because we align ourselves with God’s will by accepting his choice as a leader. 
I find the Trump phenomena to be so similar to the David phenomena. Let me show you why. In point form.
God allows an evil leader to reign so that God’s people will cry out for change. He shows his people how Satan is ruling in the land because of their desire for a worldly man. 
God raises up a man with a tender heart but bold as a lion. He is not afraid of Goliath, the evil king, or the naysayers.  
He sends his prophet to pray over him and anoint him for service. The prophet commissions the man. 
Against all odds God raises up this man. The people watch as God destroys his enemies one by one. 
David had weakness and this weakness  nearly destroyed his ministry.  God however used the situation to humble him and deflate his ego. David held on to God  excuse he knew that he was weak and just a man. 
David often times would taunt his enemies…is this the guy who thinks he can come against the God of Israel? 
In spite of opposition David became king. He had many supporters who were sick of King Saul and his wicked ways. 
David was a man of war. He was constantly driving out those evil Philistines who opposed the God of Israel. 
Even though David was a womanizer he ended up repenting. Unfortunately there were repercussions for his sin. David still bowed his knee to the Lord.  He submitted to chastisement.  It made him humble. 
David was a worshipper. You could find him in the house of God praising or praying and even making public acclamation of God’s power and majesty.  
David lived to be an old man. He killed a lion ….a bear…..a giant…..and slew many Philistines in his reign. He never did have peace in his kingdom though. Of course he was called all along to be a warrior and a fighter. That’s what he was trained to do. His son however, was a man of peace. 


​The veil is torn in two. We don’t need to go through priests any more. We can go straight to the Father through Jesus Christ. Nor do we need to go through prophets or evangelists or pastors. Pray for one another that you may be healed.Like my page to learn about prayer and spiritual warfare.