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He Sends Forth Spies into the Land


God has his valiant ones (Hebrew -chayil -able, effective, strong,) that he sends to spy out, a city, country, church, or a ministry. These are usually prophets and intercessors. Sometimes it is just to pray, but other times, it is to speak a word from the Lord into a situation. I have personally been sent to do both, at different times, in different situations.

Let’s take a look at the Old Testament, which is a shadow of things in the body of Christ today, and find out about spies that were sent into the land. In Joshua, chapter two, we find that Joshua sends 2 spies to search out the land. (Spy out- Hebrew is Tuwr- to seek, search out, explore, and find out how to do something) These spies were sent out before the army was sent in. Their purpose was to look for the cities’ strengths and weaknesses but not only that, they were also sent to view the land. To see what was going on there.

In Judges Chapter 18, we find that the men of valor who went to spy out the land for the Danites, found idols and graven images in the land. It was a cursed land because of the idols. God said that he would take away that land and give it to his people for an inheritance, BUT God’s people had to fight for the land and God would give them the victory.They went out with weapons to fight. In this case, the people were not warriors but at ease, secure, peaceful but in sin. God wanted to chastise them for their idolatry. Today our weapons are spiritual weapons and we war against the demonic realm in the heavenly places.

When God shows his spiritual spies the things in the land that need to be dealt with, he will use us to pray, against the devil’s devices. God shows us the entrance to the city, or in other words the door, in which the enemy has gotten access to the land. Then the spies will confront that demonic gate and bring it down or into the light as the Lord sees fit. The spies sent to Laish, reported the find of idols but instead of destroying them, they set these idols up for themselves. Consequently the tribe of Dan was accursed with their idols. This is a good lesson. When we see idols in the land we are sent to by the Lord, we are not to compromise with them! We are to destroy them!

In the case of Joshua, a different story, the Ark went before them, (The Holy Spirit that was in that ark is now residing in his people) and they walked through the water by his power. Then they marched around the city at God’s command 6 times and on the 7nth time the priest blew his trumpet. Joshua told them,”Shout for the Lord has given you the city!” Then the people were warned “Don’t keep any cursed thing because you will be cursed.”

When the Lord shows an intercessor, some problem or sin in the church, if we turn a blind eye to it and compromise with it, then we are being disobedient. We must seek God’s wisdom on how to capture the city. How to tear down the strong holds that have gotten in there. If a prophet is sent to give a word of repentance to the city, nation, church, or whatever place; then this is a great mercy from God. He is showing compassion and giving place to repentance in the hearts. Only if his word is not heeded, will God destroy the city, close the church down, or stop the flow of ministries finances. Sometimes God even sends, two or three different prophets, to the same place to give several chances to repent! But eventually if God’s word is not heeded the place will fall.

In conclusion, as intercessors, when God shows you the sin in a place that he has sent you, ask for wisdom on how and what he wants you to do about it. You may be the prep guy, and just called to pray or God may have already sent others, and you are the one called to bring the word. Ask the Lord first, and don’t go do your own thing because then we are in idolatry; by playing God. Always get into the habit of NEVER, ever; doing anything in God’s name unless you know for sure that he has given you the direction. That way you are safe. God would rather have you test something as his word commands, instead of being a bull in a china shop. It is not lack of faith to ask for confirmation; it is being wise and fearing the Lord!

Blessings in Jesus brethren!


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